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Here’s a guide to destinations that are basically bathtubs — even in the winter. Before the most popular horror movies ever hit the big screen, there were real people living out the real life nightmares that inspired the Hollywood hits. RICHMOND, Va. -- Are you planning to get away with your family soon? Amy Short, AAA Travel, shares a few reasons why now is the perfect time to enjoy a warm weather destination. These days things are a little calmer -- although Lindsay Lohan did still check in after her arrest for drunk driving in 2007. Don’t worry - KAYAK’s Price Freeze will let you freeze a price for a small fee, so you can take a few days to think before and still pay that price, even if the price has increased. On the KAYAK app for iOS and Android you’ll find all the great offers on the website and much more. There are special mobile rates and app only deals that allow you to save even more money. Plus, you can get notifications straight to your p